Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Getting Organized: Printable Planning Systems

I'm really excited about this post, the third in my Getting Organized series, because I'll be covering one of my favorite things: Printable Planning Systems! If you don't have the artistic gene to make pretty bullet journaling pages (like me), the next best thing is to find printable planners.

In my research, I found so many lovely and efficient planning systems that I had a hard time choosing just one. Some are simply daily/weekly planners while others are full blown, get-my-life-and-home-together planners with cleaning charts, yearly goals, budgeting and more. They range in price starting at FREE and up - the most expensive one I've seen is $55. Always check the price before you order because you will often see "free" or an introductory price for a limited time only. Anyway, here are some of the ones I fell in love with:

The Confident Mom - Susan's website is so adorable, I just knew I'd love her Weekly Household Planner! 

Living Well Spending Less - The Living Well Planner is not only colorful and fun, but packed full of getting your life together goodies!

Proverbial Homemaker - Perfect for the domestically challenged because you get a homemaking course when you buy the planner!

The Handmade Home - Definitely a favorite of mine, especially since you can print in full letter size or A5 size, and Ashley has added lovely quotes and things to keep you motivated. 

Nina Hendrick - I came across Nina's website and planner after I had my planner for 2017 ready to go, but the blogger edition planner is on my wish list for 2018!

A House Full of Sunshine - The Dreams by Design is another fabulous planner! And Karen is so cute with her Aussie accent so instead of a picture, here's a video:

So there you have it, some of my favorite printable planning systems. Don't you just feel happy now? I do! Happy and motivated because I'm a geek like that and I get excited over planners. It's like that first day of school when I finally got to use my new school supplies... Sigh. I'm a geek, but I'm a happy geek.

In my next post, I'll be sharing individual planning pages with you. Daily ones, weekly ones, and did I mention that most of them are FREE? So stay tuned!

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