Politics or Jesus?

Here's me: when I think of donkeys and elephants, I think of my recent safari in Africa.  I don't think about politics.  I used to follow the political scene much more closely (I had a mad crush on Anderson Cooper, haha!), but it just wasn't me.  All the fighting and anger and hatred; all the slandering of people because of the party they subscribe to... I just don't have that in me.

So imagine my surprise when I attended this great seminar about the Affordable Care Act and posted about it on Facebook.  Lord have mercy!!  People I love were saying downright mean things about other people I love, and condescendingly emailing me on the side ("poor, sweet, stupid Kathy, I know how you just want to take care of the world, but sweety, you really better pray about this, do some research, speak to your pastor about the HORROR of your political ignorance... Love you! xoxo").


Yes, I did pray this morning, but NOT about elephants and donkeys.  However, I came across Luke 6:27 where Jesus tells the people to love your enemy.  Do good to those who hate you.  Pray for them.  Bless those who curse you.  Folks, Jesus loves everyone, Republicans and Democrats included.  Quite frankly, my church has done more to improve the North Side (inner city, urban) community than any political or governmental entity.  So thanks for all the political hugs and kisses, but I think I'm going to follow my heart.  I'm going to continue in my "ignorance" and love everyone and follow Jesus and His laws. 

Keep On Writing!

I have thought about this blog more times than I can count.  To actually write a blog (let alone go public with it) has been a great feat for me because although I love to write, I haven't really written in years.  When I left Virginia, a place I grew to love, a place I grew period, I became so disconnected with myself and life that words that once flowed ceased.  The things I did write were so forced, so redundant.  The stuff I was writing was just plain awful until I quit writing altogether.  I spent my time instead working, working, relocating, working, relocating again, working... There was nothing left in my heart to write about.

During those years, I often longed to write again.  I can't explain the pure joy of putting words on paper, especially when they just fly from my pen.  When I am in the flow of words, there's no place else I'd rather be.  Even today, I can read stuff I wrote ten years ago and get a happy feeling.  I believe it has something to do with releasing all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that verbally I cannot express.  Writing has transformed my life in so many ways.  It stirs me cognitively (is that a word?) and I can think clearer in all areas of my life.  It gives me energy to accomplish great things and mundane things.  I feel connected with not only who I am, but with the Holy Spirit who guides my pen.  My life is just more satisfying to me when I am writing.
So why in heavens have I not written on this blog in so long?!  Like I said, I think about it every day and wish I were writing something, anything.  In fairness, I am writing a nutrition and health blog for my church, but I hope in the future daily grind of my life, I remember what I just wrote above and choose to keep up with this more personal blog.  Stay tuned!!