My Easy Envelope System

The first time I heard of the 'envelope system' was when a friend was dating a guy who knew someone who taught Dave Ramsey money courses. Well, those of you who know me know that before I do anything, I have to research it first. Not only do I have to get all my questions answered, but then I have to make sure I understand the answers, which results in more questions, all in an attempt to do it correctly. Once this is resolved, then I have to create a system because everything needs a plan and a system to be effective. I've been labeled 'type A personality,' but really what I am is a High C (DISC) personality.

Now, there are a million different ways to do this envelope system and if they work for you, then great, but I needed something a little less complex:

The Chain Is Already Broken

The Lord gave me a word for a friend today as I prayed for her. He said, "I have already broken the chain, but you are still holding it." Though for my friend, it has made me wonder what chains has He broken for me am I still carrying around and clinging to? How about you?
O, how light our burdens be,
if we but drop chains broken by Thee.