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The Thyroid Secret: A Review - Authentic in My Skin -

I watched a documentary called The Thyroid Secret and was blown away! Not only was I blown away, but I feel hopeful again. My fellow spoonies and I get our hopes up with every new doctor, with every new prescription or supplement, with anything new we try because it might relieve some of our suffering, but this documentary has confirmed what I've always known going back to my days as a Certified Nutritionist: what the earth produces heals us. When I began to follow Jesus, I was even more convinced that He created every good thing we need to live and thrive and to be healthy.

He created every good thing we need to live and thrive and to be healthy.

I was blogging for my church under the heading Healthy for Christ. I had a great passion to help others live healthier lives and would even do nutrition counseling with people as I did when I was a Certified Nutritionist (only I didn't charge, of course!). My work became so stressful, however, that I didn't have as much time to blog anymore. Then I injured my back and all my health troubles started and I was too bitter and exhausted to blog. The irony of blogging about being healthy when my health was declining, I found it hard to do. 

But God. That is a saying of mine you'll get familiar with if you continue following my posts. It generally means I made some plans for my life, but God had other plans. I fought for a really long time with this one. A really long time. I was resentful, bitter, and completely enmeshed in my disability. I have tried so many things: food elimination, supplements, physical therapy... Nothing works to relieve the pain except massage therapy, which isn't covered by insurance, and steroids, which are just bad, bad, bad for you. What I hate more than the pain is the constant brain fog and fatigue. Some of my favorite pins on my Fibromyalgia Awareness board are:
  • "Unless you have to rest after you take a shower, you have no idea what fatigue is." 
  • "Living with Fibromyalgia is like looking both ways crossing a road then getting hit by an airplane."
And from my Chronic Humor board:
  • "Don't worry about walking a mile in my shoes, just try a day thinking in my head."
  • "I was trying to get out of bed, but I got tired."
  • "I'm going to use what little energy I have left today to breathe, and maybe blink. That's about it."

Getting back to The Thyroid Secret, it is nine episodes hosted by Dr. Izabella Wentz. It is her story and the research she did to heal herself from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. She interviewed a hundred different experts (doctors and naturopaths) in her quest to gather information and spread awareness about thyroid disease. Did you know that 95% of people diagnosed as hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's? 

Did you know that 95% of people diagnosed as hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's? 

The Thyroid Secret is so packed full of information and I'll just give a quick list:
  • Why conventional medicine misses the mark
  • Healing your gut
  • Your adrenals
  • Stress
  • Toxins
  • Healing Foods (like bone broth!)
  • Weight struggles
  • Brain fog
  • Debilitating fatigue
  • 67 patient success stories

Loaded with tools, tips and techniques from the experts to get rid of brain fog, fatigue, weight struggles and the hundreds of thyroid symptoms that often go undiagnosed. I think anyone suffering from thyroid disease, FM, CFS, EB, Lyme's, or any autoimmune disease should consider purchasing either The Thyroid Secret or one of Dr. Wentz's books.

Though I've seen many physicians, I am not a one and I have no connection with Dr. Wentz or The Thyroid Secret. I'm just a consumer who really believes what I learned watching all 9 episodes of this documentary. I purchased the silver package at a discount for watching the free airing of each episode. I don't get paid in any way for sharing this information. I don't get free products (though I wish I did!) for blogging about this. I am, of course, an Amazon affiliate as disclosed on my blog so if you purchase her books through my link, I think I'd get a couple pennies or something. I've never actually received a cent from Amazon to date so I still don't know how that works!  🙂

Now I'm off to go read either her book, Root Cause, or Dr. David Brady's book, The Fibro Fix

Have a blessed day!

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