#happygeek - Kathy Rae - Hashtag Happy Geek Virtual Assistant Services - Authentic in My Skin
I love helping others with their administrative tasks, like creating documents and databases, and researching anything. 

I thoroughly enjoy everything involving graphic design, from staging stock photography (applying what I learned as a model to inanimate objects), editing the images, and creating visually appealing elements for blogs and marketing.

I've never met a spreadsheet I didn't like and getting people organized makes me do the #happydance!

Yes, I'm a geek, but I'm a #happygeek so let me take all the paperwork off your plate so you can focus on doing what you love.

DISC Personality: High C
Meyers-Briggs: INFJ 


Stock Photography and Graphic Design
Stock Photography - Graphic Design - #happygeek - Authentic in My Skin 

Graphic Design, Research, Content Writing
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Why I Gave Up Soda - Research, Design, Writing - Authentic in My Skin - authenticinmyskin.com

#happygeek - Event Setup Map - Excel - Authentic in My Skin Formulated Budget Spreadsheet - Excel - #happygeek - Authentic in My Skin

PowerPoint Presentation
#happygeek PowerPoint Presentation Sample - Authentic in My Skin

Trello Cloud Planning System
#happygeek Trello Organizational Sample - Authentic in My Skin

MS Word Forms and Documents
#happygeek - FMLA Form - MS Word - Authentic in My Skin #happygeek - FMLA Form - MS Word - Authentic in My Skin


Creating and organizing cloud storage systems (Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive)

Building and maintaining databases (Excel, Access) and spreadsheets (Excel is my friend)

MS Office templates (Word, Publisher, PPT)

Training manuals and workbooks; simple e-book layouts

Researching ( I go to the source instead of Joe Schmoe's blog) and competitor analysis

Business writing, copy-editing, newsletter creation, emails, blog posts, website content

Editing and Proofreading (for readability and grammatical errors)

SEO optimization (industry/post-specific keyword research, meta tags/descriptions); content creation, formatting, and uploading; scheduling; moderating comments; images (see graphic design below); some HTML and WordPress (installation, plug-ins).

Use of software programs (Canva, PicMonkey); brochures, business cards, and flyers; images (banners, infographics) for social media marketing (Facebook, Pinterest).

Create and manage profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+); monitor community groups (posts, comments, shares, promotions) and track results; Twitter - manage and increase following, track mentions and hashtags; Pinterest - set up business account, create and schedule pins.

I create an organizational system according to your personality and needs, such as a physical planner or an online system (Trello, Google Calendar).

For more information, email hashtaghappygeek@gmail (dot) com.