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I love helping others with their administrative tasks, like creating databases and researching. Yes, I am a geek, but I am a #happygeek! What makes you groan makes me happy! My High C Personality guarantees detailed and accurate work.Let me take all that paperwork off your plate so you can focus on doing what you were born to do. 
#happygeek Excel Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Excel Sample
#happygeek PowerPoint Presentation Sample - Authentic in My Skin
PowerPoint Presentation Sample

#happygeek Writing and Design Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Writing Sample
#happygeek Research and Organization Sample - Authentic in My Skin
SEO Research Sample
#happygeek Publisher Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Publisher Sample
#happygeek Trello Organizational Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Trello - Organizational Sample
#happygeek MS Word Sample - Authentic in My Skin
MS Word Sample
#happygeek - Formulated Excel Tracking Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Formulated Excel Sample
#happygeek - Training Documentation Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Training Documentation Sample
#happygeek Flow Chart Sample - Authentic in My Skin
Flow Chart Sample

Creating and organizing cloud storage systems (Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive); building and maintaining databases (Excel, Access) and spreadsheets (Excel is my friend); MS Office templates (Word, Publisher, PPT); training manuals and workbooks; simple e-book layouts.

I love researching and I'm a bit OCD about it in that I go to the source instead of Joe Schmoe's blog. This includes doing competitor analysis.

Business writing, copy-editing, newsletter creation, emails, blog posts, website content - all the above can be edited for readability and grammatical errors.

SEO optimization (industry/post-specific keyword research, meta tags/descriptions); content creation, formatting, and uploading; scheduling; moderating comments; images (see graphic design below); some HTML and WordPress (installation, plug-ins).

Use of software programs (Canva, PicMonkey); brochures, business cards, and flyers; images (banners, infographics) for social media marketing (Facebook, Pinterest).

Create and manage profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+); monitor community groups (posts, comments, shares, promotions) and track results; Twitter - manage and increase following, track mentions and hashtags; Pinterest - set up business account, create and schedule pins.

I create an organizational system according to your personality and needs, such as a physical planner or an online system (Trello, Google Calendar).

For more information, email hashtaghappygeek@gmail (dot) com.